Fighting For You

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to find less and less satisfaction in almost every action pertained? It’s closer to the predicated notion that at a certain age you lose touch, or maybe you never lingered in the real world long enough to standardize or regulate the emotions that successfully controlled you. Seemingly devoted to enroll a sense of insecurity, like the curve ball that doesn’t curve back into shape. It’s an objection. Or is it the poorly wired seven watt bulb in your head that’s made you, appear, emotionless? Either way you could suggest some sort of counterfeit cop out for the distortion. What would you prescribe if they claimed to feel trapped between comfort or coherence? In either condition the issues berate this misused portion of influence to test that of his challenged dedication to the cause. This light isn’t too bright, but yours eyes are still closed. Open them soon and when you do you ask “When on earth you developed the inability to look after yourself?” By now, almost, you are one scatterbrained Steven.

Moreover, in order to understand, you must understand that to defer all your attention introspectively, will push everyone to believe that you’re not you. Unable to cooperate from head to toe, there is a lesson to be learned. Wishing it could change won’t help. Trying to change it won’t help; the changing of needs, though, will.

4 thoughts on “Fighting For You

  1. Such deep thoughts. I constantly worry about a loss of sensation over the years. I used to be hot headed and impatient, but I’ve grown to mellow out and accept the things that I can’t change. For my sanity, this is a phenomenal development. But I always fear what it will mean for my art. If I never feel earth shattering heartbreak or disappointment again, am I still capable of euphoria and dizzying natural highs? Do I still know how it feels to be human?

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